Traveling to and from Moalboal Cebu

Getting Around Moalboal

Tricycle cost going around Moalboal is (~ ₱ 150 depending on the time of the day - one way) and by motorcycle or “habla habla” (₱ 50-100 depending of the time of the day) . If you are confident you rent a scooter and drive around yourself. 

From Cebu airport to Moalboal

The most cost effective way to get to Moalboal, Cebu is to get a white metered taxi from the airport to the south bus terminal about ₱ 350-450 depending on traffic or take My Bus - see schedule here (airport shuttle transfer from Airport to old SM mall in Cebu about 45 pesos), from there you take a white meter taxi to South bus terminal and a public yellow Ceres bus (3-3.5 hours), ticket costs about ₱ 209  at the counter and head out to stand 6, take a bigger air-conditioned bus (another one is smaller local buses with open windows), bus will stop here at the bus stop in Moalboal,, it's also a good idea to buy a sim card and data package Globe or Smart at the airport (Terminal 2) after you get your luggage, with the new rules sim card has to be registered on your name, you can also obtain a sim card at any 7/11  (50 to 80 pesos) store and get much better deals on data package. From the bus stop in Moalboal take a tricycle to your place. Tricycles to Panagsama will cost about ₱ 100 to ₱ 150 and motorbike rides (habal-habal)  ₱ 50. Quicker option is to take a taxi from the airport to Moalboal. The cost is about ₱ 3000 - 3500 which can be split between 4 passengers. 

Moalboal to Oslob

From Moalboal Bus Stop (In front of Jose Rizal Monument) take a bus heading to Bato Bus Terminal. It will cost you ₱ 50 to ₱ 60 pesos for the Non Aircon or Air Con Bus. From the Bato bus terminal take another bus heading to Cebu via Oslob it will cost you ₱ 30 to ₱ 40. From the Bato bus stop, Oslob is only 20 minutes away. You can also reach Oslob from Moalboal via private car. It’s 1 hour and a half ride and usually the trip costs ₱ 1500 to ₱2000. Best to leave Moalboal for Oslob around 6:30 am especially when you're commuting. If you're driving a motorbike or renting a car. Best to leave 7 am  just in time to arrive in Oslob 9 am. In locating the Whale shark watching area, there’s a big sign in front of the gate and there’s a ramp heading to the beach. Tips: Usually by 9:00 AM there are few tourists left to do the activity and less waiting time for the briefing on the Do's and Don’t of the activity. 

Aside from Whale watching, Tumalog Waterfall is only 10 minutes away from whale watching. So you can visit the beach and waterfalls at the same time.  If you're planning to stay for a night in Oslob, We recommend Stay and Save B&B. They have rooms as low as ₱ 700 with AC and a private path to the beach. 

Enjoy Oslob :)

Oslob to Moalboal 

From Oslob catch a bus heading to Bato bus terminal for ₱ 20 to ₱ 30. Once your in Bato bus terminal, look for a bus heading to Cebu via Barili, fare cost ₱ 50 to ₱ 60. 

Oslob to Cebu City

 From Oslob you can also catch a bus heading to Cebu City . Best to get an aircon bus because they have bigger seats and more comfortable ride. From Oslob to Cebu City the fare is around ₱ 170 to ₱ 180. All buses from Oslob stop at the South bus terminal. If you're heading to Cebu International Airport, there is a airport shuttle bus heading to airport and that costs ₱ 40 to ₱ 50. I recommend riding a bus if you have enough time before your flight. But if you're in a hurry best to ride a metered taxi. 

Moalboal to Larena,Siquijor

The boat for Siquijor leaves Lilo-an Port 10 am daily. At the moment they only have 1 schedule since it's a new route. The best time to leave Moalboal for Siquijor is 6:30 am. From Moalboal Bus Stop (In front of Jose Rizal Monument) take a bus heading to Bato. It will cost you ₱ 50 to ₱ 60 for Non aircon and Aircon bus. From Bato bus terminal, you can take a motorbike heading to Lilo-an Port for ₱ 40 or Tok Tok for ₱ 25 sharing the Tok Tok with other passengers. The boat fare for Siquijor is ₱ 200 to ₱ 250 per person. The journey will take 3 hours. 

Tips: When in Siquijor, We enjoy having breakfast in Coco Grove Resort. They have a restaurant facing white sand beach and they serve the best all inclusive breakfast in Siquijor for ₱ 350.

Right in front of the resort is  Marine Life Sanctuary. So when visiting the resort for breakfast bring your snorkeling gear already and enjoy the beach afterwards. If you don’t have a snorkeling mask or fins with you. The resort has a diving shop where you can rent them. They also charge ₱ 50 for entering the sanctuary. 

At night, best to have dinner in Baha Bar. Try there Ube( purple yam) ice cream. It's incredible!

At around 5.30pm, go towards the bridge in San Juan, where you’ll find Roch Cuisine, a street food barbecue and eatery place with just a few nicely decorated tables and chairs, just before crossing the bridge on the seafront. This place is my personal favorite place for a street food on the island. Dinner will cost you around ₱ 100 – 150 depending on how much you want to eat. Just make sure to order your food in time; sometimes they’re completely out of food by 7pm.

Larena,Siquijor to Liloan Port,Cebu

The boat for Liloan Port Cebu leaves Larena Port 5 pm daily. If you're staying in San Juan Siquijor which is 44 minutes away from Larena port, You can leave San Juan 2 hours before 5 pm so you can secure your tickets early. During the weekend the trip back to Liloan Port tends to be busy since Siquijor is becoming one of the main vacation spots for locals because it's cheaper than other places. If you're heading back to Moalboal From Liloan port you can share a tricycle or Tok Tok for ₱ 25 to Bato Bus terminal and catch a bus to Cebu via Barili. It will pass by Moalboal on the way. 

Moalboal to Dumaguete

From Moalboal Bus Stop (In front of Jose Rizal Monument) take a bus heading to Bato, It will cost you ₱ 50 to ₱ 60. From the Bato bus terminal, you can take a motorbike heading to Lilo-an Port for ₱ 40  or Tok Tok for ₱ 25 sharing the Tok Tok with other passengers. There are 2 boat companies that operate in Liloan for Sibulan (30 mins.away from Dumaguete) first is a passenger boat. The trip cost ₱ 70 and it doesn’t have a set schedule. The boat leaves as soon as it’s full. The other one is Maayo Shipping, they leave Liloan Port per schedule. The first trip from Liloan is 6:00 AM  and the next schedule is 9:00 AM am and 12:00 noon. If you're planning to catch a 9:00 AM boat, best to leave Moalboal 6:00 AM. The fair costs 65 pesos per person. For motorbikes it's  ₱ 200 to ₱ 250 and passengers are free. When you arrive at Sibulan Port, Tok Tok and small Jeepney are waiting for the passengers. If you're taking a small jeepney to Dumaguete City, It will cost you ₱ 13, For the whole Tok Tok is ₱ 150.

Tips: When in Dumaguete City, We enjoy having lunch in “Why Not Restaurant”. Our favorite is the Fish and Chip with garlic tartar sauce and Pilsen Draft beer. 

Good breakfast place is The Rollin' Pin - French bakery 

One of  the must visit places are:  Casaroro Waterfalls, Red Rock Hot Spring, nice hike or boat ride at Twin Lakes Natural Park and the Pulang Bato Waterfalls in Valencia.

You can also visit Apo Island which is 1 hour away from Dumaguete. 

Moalboal to Bohol via Argao

Lite Shipping Ferry has 2 trips to Tagbilaran,Bohol via Argao daily. The first trip is 4:00 AM and 12 noon. At the moment there is no direct  public transportation from Moalboal to Argao. If you're interested in commuting, From Moalboal Bus Stop (In front of Jose Rizal Monument) take a bus heading to Bato, It will cost you ₱ 50 to ₱ 60. From Bato bus terminal, catch a bus for Cebu via Oslob and it will pass by Taloot Port( Argao). You can also drive to Argao with a motorbike or hire a car to get to Taloot Port (Argao). For a private car from Moalboal to Taloot Port (Argao) it cost ₱ 2000 to ₱ 2,500 depending on the time of travel. If you're travelling to catch a 4:00 AM boat, usually drivers ask ₱ 2,500 for the trip. The travel time from Moalboal to Argao is just an hour and 3 hours for the boat to Tagbilaran, Bohol. The passenger fare is ₱ 230 plus terminal fee of ₱ 20. For the motorbike its ₱ 900 plus ₱ 65  terminal fee.

Tips: If you're planning to bring a motorbike, make sure you have the registration form of the bike since they ask for it when paying the ticket. When in Bohol we stayed at Bohol Vantage Point Resort. It’s on top of the Hill of Dauis with a 180 degree sea view of Tagbilaran. We like the room and the balcony so much and were planning on going back soon. About the food, there is so much option since Tagbilaran Bohol has many malls around. If you're into Shisha, the best place to get it is in Bamboo Place in Pnaglao. Must visit Loboc River, we hang out on the SUP  tours front porch facing the river and it’s lovely.

Moalboal to Malapascua

When heading to Malapascua from Moalboal you have 2 options. You can hire a private car and drive straight to Maya Port or commute via Cebu. Private car it will cost you about ₱ 4,500 to get to Maya Port for 4 to 5 hours travel time. When commuting from Moalboal, get bus to  South Bus Terminal, from there take a taxi to North Bus Terminal. The last bus for Maya Port is 4 pm. 

Tips: When leaving Moalboal for Malapascua its best to leave as early as you can since its a 4 to 5 hour drive to get to Maya Port with a private car. When you commute best to leave at 5:00 AM. When you arrive at Maya Port before lunch time, you have a chance to catch other passengers to split the cost of the boat. Since it’s a small port, the number of boats tend to lessen after lunch time. From the port you can hire a whole boat to send you to the island for ₱ 2,000 to ₱ 2,500. If you arrive at Maya Port early. You can wait with the other passengers until the boat reaches its capacity for ₱ 200 per person.

If you're a diver its best to visit Malapascua because of the Thresher Shark. Aside from Diving there’s not much to do in Malapascua. But when you're in the island take the Kalangaman Boat trip of Malapascua Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort. It’s the easiest route heading to the island compared to going to Leyte from Cebu City. Getting to Kalanggaman Island from Malapascua saves you much time.  If you like to hang out, I suggest Kokay’s Maldito Restaurant and Dive Shop.

Moalboal to Bantayan Island

When heading to Bantayan Island from Moalboal you have 2 options how to get to the Island. You can hire a private car and drive straight to Hagnaya Port or commute via Cebu. In hiring a car it will cost you about ₱ 4,000 to get to Hagnaya Port for 4 to 5 hours travel time. When commuting from Moalboal,  take bus to  South Bus Terminal Cebu. From there take a taxi to North Bus Terminal. The last bus for Hagnaya Port is 12:30 PM. When arriving at Hagnaya Port, there are 2 boat companies that can take you to the island. First is the Super Shuttle Company and the island Shipping Company. Schedules are stated below.

When you arrive in Sta. Fe Port, you can take Tok Tok going to your accommodation for 100 pesos.

TIPS: Best place to stay is Kota Beach Resort. They have nice rooms with a porch and nice spots for swimming. Best also to visit Virgin Island.

Moalboal to Cebu City Airport.

You can take a private car going straight to the airport or take a public Ceres bus to South bus terminal , then taxi to airport or My Bus (airport shuttle) leaving from South bus terminal.. Cost is ₱ 40 per person. 

There is a travel lounge in old SM mall where you can leave your luggage for a small fee and hang out in the mall if you haveenough time before you fly out. Bus stop is very near the lounge. Journey will take about 45 minutes depending on the traffic. My Bus is also available from the South & North bus terminal heading to the airport.

Check to route and schedule here: