Bamboo Cooking Class (Cebu City)


My Name is Lorelie. I grew up in a family that loves to cook Authentic Filipino food and so I decided to study food technology. I finish my bachelor's degree 5 years ago. 

With this, I came up with the idea to share a traditional Filipino cooking class that uses bamboo as a cooking pot. I would love to share my experience with friends and foreigners, to guide them and help them to understand more about Filipino culture through great food. 

Our dishes are without MSG. Guests can also request additional vegetarian dishes. The cooking class will be held in front of a beach, the guest is welcome to swim and snorkel.

What we’ll do

Enjoy cooking 3 Traditional Filipino dishes made of Chicken, Shrimps, and Fish, Native Filipino garden salad, Pandan steamed rice, and Local Dessert in 4 hours. 

Before we start cooking, guests will have a brief introduction to Filipino cooking history. Next guests will experience how to cut their own bamboo and prepare spices and herbs for the dish. While we are waiting for the food to be cooked in charcoal, we will prepare a Filipino dessert made of local seasonal fruits.

When the food is cooked, the guest will enjoy tasting each dish they prepared. After the cooking class, I'll follow up with an email containing all the pictures I took, plus all the recipes so you can replicate your favorite dish back home.

Price per person: 4,500 PHP per class

What's included 

2 of any kind(Beer, Soda, lemongrass tea) 

3 Main Course (chicken, pork, and seafood) Native Filipino Salads, Steamed Rice, Fruit

All cooking tools, aprons, hairnets, and ingredients of the dish. bamboo shell for cooking.

What to bring 

Mobile phone or Camera

Medicine (if guests are on medications)

Empty stomach :)

Positive attitude towards the activity

Sunscreen, Hats,  Swimming attire

Snorkeling gear ( if a guest has their own)

Reviews from web

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