Moalboal Adventure Tours

Hi! I am Vladislav, 

For the past five years, I've been on an exhilarating journey through Southeast Asia, exploring its diverse landscapes on a scooter. My current home base is in the vibrant town of Moalboal, located in the South of Cebu.

I've led tours across a variety of stunning locations: navigating through the dense jungles of India, traversing the majestic French Alps, exploring the unique Slot Canyons in the United States, and hiking the breathtaking High Tatras in Slovakia and Canada. My passion lies in seeking authentic adventures, whether it's canyoning, trekking, discovering hidden waterfalls, exploring mysterious caves, or relaxing in natural hot springs. My life principle is inspired by the famous saying, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."

I invite you to join me on an unforgettable scooter journey through the heart and soul of southern Cebu. Our route will take us from the picturesque Osmena Peak to awe-inspiring waterfalls, rejuvenating hot springs, and intriguing caves. We'll navigate through scenic, winding roads less traveled, offering the perfect backdrop for an exhilarating scooter ride.

Day Trip Scooter Tour 

Personalize your visit to the South of Cebu with a customized, guided self-drive full-day scooter tour!

Choose your own itinerary, tailored exactly to your desires and interests. Take your pick of attractions including the list below. (3 points of interest per tour)

Let's discuss your desired itinerary before booking your tour and I will be happy to advise and organize everything for you.

Points of Interest

- Busay Cold Spring Cave (10 minute hike to the cave and exploring 250 meters long cave)

- Candungao Peak (~ 1.5 hours round trip, strenuous trek)

- Osmena Peak (a short hike of 20 minutes one way, moderate)

- Cambais Waterfalls (10 minutes short hike to waterfalls, easy)

- Mainit Hot Springs (10 minutes short hike to hot springs, easy)

- Dao Waterfalls - (this moderate 20 to 30 minutes trek requires you to walk through the water and navigate your way around boulders and rocks)

- Inambakan Waterfalls (short 10 minutes hikes to reach level 1)

- Kabutongan Waterfalls  (this moderate 20 to 30 minutes trek require you to walk and swim through the water and navigate your way around boulders and rocks to reach level 4)

- Mantayupan Waterfalls (10 minutes short hike to waterfalls, easy)

- Kawasan Waterfalls (a short hike of 20 minutes one way to reach the 3rd waterfall, moderate)

- Binalayan Hidden Falls (easy 10 minutes short hike to falls)

- Aguinid Waterfalls (hiking waterfalls up to 8 levels) 

- Monastery of the Holy Eucharist (Simala Church)

- Whale Shark Watching (1000 PHP extra fee) require a 2.5-hour ride one way 

Hot Springs

Busay Cave

Mantayupan Waterfalls

Cambais Waterfalls (level 2)

On the way to Osmena peak

Osmena Peak

Oslob Whale Shark

Lunch time

Cambais Waterfalls

Binalayan "Hidden Falls"

Dao Waterfalls

Candungao Peak

Inambakan Waterfalls

Point of interest (Blue Label)

Snorkeling Spots (Red Label)

Restaurants (Orange Label)

Others (Black Label)

Price per person: 3,995 PHP per day

What else you should know 

If you do not have your own motorbike/scooter, we can recommend a rental place close to our starting point and with competitive pricing of 300 PHP a day. They will keep your ID as a deposit. Please contact us for more details. If you don't ride a motorcycle/scooter you're welcome to ride a pillion with me. So just one person for the tour is fine too. Please note that motorcycle riding overseas must be considered one of life's more adventurous pursuits, therefore personal travel insurance is mandatory when riding with us. Maximum 5 riders per tour.  Previous driving experience is required. Drivers must be at least 18 years old. 

What's included 

Snacks and bottles of water

Lunch at a local eatery 

Entrance fees and sightseeing fees

Lifejacket for the waterfalls (if needed)

What's not included 

Scooter Rental

Gasoline on tour

Personal expenses

Travel insurance

What to bring 

Raincoat & Water shoes 

Swimsuit and towel

Sunscreen & Drybag

Valid class M driving license

Scooter & Helmet 

Adequate clothes for scooter ride are recommended

An extra layer of clothes

Mantayupan Waterfalls

Kabutongan Waterfalls

Dao Waterfalls

Kawasan Waterfalls

Candungao Cave

Dao Waterfalls

Candungao Peak

Inambakan Waterfalls

Kabutongan Waterfalls

Inambakan Waterfalls

Inambakan Waterfalls

Candungao Peak

Monastery of the Holy Eucharist 

Minit Hot Springs

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